SID – Worlds first online alkali monitoring for industrial applications

Start addressing costly issues such as:
  • Fouling
  • High Temperature Corrosion,
  • Catalysator deactivation  
  • Product contamination.

Thereby improving the Operational reliance and lifetime. Other benefits are reduced maintenance, fuel and raw material costs.


Standalone plug and play detector

  • Standardised detector design allows for low detector costs
  • Sampling equipment is tailored for specific application.
  • The detector is designed for installation in
    • CHP
    • Bio gasification plants
    • Cement
    • lime kilns
  • The SID detector is capable of monitoring alkali content in process gases at multiple measurement points in a industrial facility.
  • The SID technology can be installed online and run with variable sampling frequency.
  • The SI technique is simple, robust and cost effective
  • The SI technique can be used at atmospheric or pressurized conditions
  • The SI technique offers a flexible platform for:
    • Monitoring alkali vapor
    • Particulate counting and sizing
    • Differentiated measurement of Na and K compounds


Feature Specification
Operating principle Surface Ionization
Detection range 1 ppb – 150 ppm
Selectivity (present technology) Measures the total concentration of alkali metals in molecular form and fine particles
Data acquisition rate > 1 Hz
Signal data sampling frequency < 100 kHz