About Us

Verdant Chemical Technologies provides different kinds of products and services within the area of chemical engineering. Our specialty is the monitoring and process control for management of alkali or tar related issues in industrial processes.

The company is in a period of growth that led to the employment of a Research and Development Manager. We now offer a new range of services within the field of heterogeneous catalysis. We test catalysts of various kinds for processes such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, deNOx, Partial Oxidation of Methane, Methanation, CO2 reduction, Catalytic Combustion, Preferential CO Oxidation and Desulfurization.

We can also characterize the catalysts by means of Chemisorption, TPR, TPO, TPH, TPD, XRD, AAS, TGA-DSC and Porosimetry analysis.

The technology of Verdant Chemical Technologies has been developed at the department of Chemical Engineering and Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The company is located in the GreenHouse Labs in Stockholm.

The company was founded in 2012 originating from R & D activities at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

The location at the KTH Campus ensures close collaboration with high level research as well as access to experimental resources and expertise of importance for the companies R&D.

The people active in the company and their roles are listed below:


CEO Lars J Pettersson,
CTO Klas Engvall,
Truls Liliedahl,
Christer Rosén,
Process Engineer
Claes Brage,
Analysis Expert
Iraj Bavarian,
Analysis Expert

Roberto Lanza,
R&D Manager